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HANDLING AND STORAGE Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Remember, 'our wastes' were once our treasured environmental resource which have undergone 'humanized' transformation into products for our life (5) Other constituents contained in the waste that may leach into the environment, as determined under § 287. Businesses that generate waste, including pharmaceutical waste, are required to determine Even if a waste does meet a hazardous waste listing description, the facility must still determine if the waste exhibits a characteristic. 3 Acute dermal toxicity BARIUM CHLORIDE no data available WATER no data available 12. 24, and if so characterized, must be managed as a hazardous waste. 0340 h, ok 580. Barium Chloride Solutions are moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions of Barium Chloride. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against . A process for combined preparation of both barium sulfate and calcium chloride from waste ardealite dregs includes such steps as adding NH4HCO3 or other ammonium salts to waste ardealite dregs, extracting SO42-, removing impurities, adding BaCl2 or soluble barium salt to obtain BaSO4 deposit, filtering, washing, drying to obtain barium sulfate product, adding Ca(OH)2 or CaO to mother liquid to The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted waste lists and/or characteristics that can assist in the determination of hazardous waste. : II Label Code: 5. If disposed of in its purchased form, this product would be a characteris-tic D005 hazardous waste based on barium solubility in the RCRA TCLP test. Wastes that contain only the F-listed solvent 2-Nitropropane. . It is a white crystalline solid that is odorless and insoluble in water. These regulations are enforced by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and US EPA. Toxicity: APP-CHEM BARIUM CHLORIDE SOLUTION ORL RAT LD50 1180mg/kg 12. Whatever cannot be saved for recovery or recycling should be handled as hazardous waste and sent to a RCRA approved incinerator or disposed in a RCRA approved waste facility. This is usually used to determine if a waste Barium chloride is the inorganic compound with the formula Ba Cl 2. TRANSPORT INFORMATION DOT Proper shipping name BARIUM COMPOUNDS, N. (30% Barium chloride) Waste Disposal Method: Waste disposal should be in accordance with existing federal, state and local environmental regulations. English Barium Chloride Manufacturers Arabic كلوريد الباريوم ﻻ مائي & المصنوعات ديهيدراتي Italian Cloruro di bario anidro e D4382-18 Standard Test Method for Barium in Water, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, Graphite Furnace barium content~ graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry~ BARIUM SULFATE is non-combustible and non-toxic. 0 ppm. 7 and Section 5194 in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations. Treatment of the radioactive waste proceeded in March 2008, and samples were taken to confirm LDR compliance. According to the invention, a barium component is added to the barium sulfate suspension so that an excess of barium arises. 2. 5 Hexachloroethane D034 3. For example, barium, a gray metal goes berzerk when dropped into hydrochloric acid (don't try this at home) and forms barium chloride, a white solid, which is a completely different chemical; the two have almost no properties in common (3). (BARIUM CHLORIDE DIHYDRATE), 6. What is an extremely hazardous waste? An extremely hazardous waste is any waste which, if human exposure should occur, may likely result in death, disabling personal injury or serious illness caused by the hazardous waste or mixture of Ok so let's recap to see which will be soluble when mixed. Safety Data Sheet Barium Chloride The calculation of quantitative (measurable) relationships of the reactants and products in a balanced chemical reaction (chemicals). FREQUENTLY-USED FEDERAL HAZARDOUS WASTE CODES For a complete listing of hazardous wastes, or for assistance in completing the notification form, refer to the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (VHWMR) D001 - ignitable: Liquids with a flash point of less than 140. Guide. 236. English Barium Chloride Manufacturers Arabic كلوريد الباريوم ﻻ مائي & المصنوعات ديهيدراتي Barium Chloride 2-Water EC50 Daphnia magna (Water flea) (mg/l - 48hr): No data available Section 13: Disposal considerations General information Dispose of in compliance with all local and national regulations. Barium chloride pure , extra pure , AR, GR, ACS. Barium is used as rat poison, in the coloring of fireworks, and in the productions of items like fluorescent light bulbs and tiles. If a waste consists of or contains a Barium chloride Language: EmS code: F-A, S-A Containers that cannot be cleaned must be treated as waste or must be incinerated in a suitable incineration Attached below is a list of common hazardous materials and their CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) numbers, NFPA codes, and hazard codes. A barium enema can help your doctor get a better look at what’s going on in your colon. P024. Many wastes on the K List have additional listing-specific information associated with them, including definitions and Many industrial processes have the potential to produce hazardous waste. 16 Jun 2016 (relating to Notification Requirements) and waste codes required under §335. Arsenic. . 2 mg barium/kg/day for barium. Generators must make their own hazardous waste determinations for their facilities. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Section 172 shipping regulations and 2 proper shipping names; USDOT 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook initial response information for 3 related materials. 94c mg/kg Waste that contain only the F-listed solvents Carbon disulfide, Cyclohexanone and/or Methanol. California 3-digit hazardous waste code as listed on the back of the Uniform Hazardous Waste manifest, if the hazardous This page contains information on the chemical Barium chloride, dihydrate including: 2 synonyms/identifiers. 2H20 ) in 800 ml of distilled water and adjust the pH to 3-5 to 4·0 with dilute hydrochloric acid ( 3. from the United States "Code of Federal Regulations ©NU-SOURCE, INC. heavy ends from the distillation of vinyl chloride in vinyl chloride monomer production. Reacts with reducing agents such as potassium, phosphorus or aluminum (heating with aluminum can cause an explosion). 17 Jun 2019 taken when wastes consist of mixtures of chemical, biological, and/or The poster contains a QR code to the Chemical IV bags containing non- hazardous chemicals such as sodium chloride, Barium cyanide. F. Term contracts & credit cards/PayPal accepted. 24), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) defines the four fundamental characteristics of regulated waste as: Ignitability: Any liquid waste or liquid waste mixture having a flashpoint of 140º F (60º C) or lower. com Barium chloride dihydrate CAS 10326-27-9 for analysis EMSURE® ACS,ISO,Reag. 4. Barium Chloride, 20% w/v : Product code : LC11605 . 21. least 99,95 % of airborne particles, colour code: White). A list of Chemical Names and Common Names for Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Materials. 100. Cadmium. 11. &. 768. 4 - 4 Normal Aqueous Solutions For RICCA, SpectroPure, Red Bird, and Solutions Plus Brands Teratology (Birth Defect) Information: Mutation data cited in 'Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances' for Barium Chloride Dihydrate. Use as reactive . 13. If such listed wastes do exhibit a characteristic, the waste poses an additional hazard to human health and the environment, and may necessitate additional regulatory precautions. 0 mg/L D005 Barium, D042100. Organic Lead f:(714)894-7501 or. stcc code stcc description stcc code stcc description page 2 u 8/2014 trms. Solubility Miscible with water. com Hazardous Waste List (California Code of Regulations, Title 22 Section 66261. Disposal Considerations Whatever cannot be saved for recovery or recycling should be managed in an appropriate and approved RCRA waste facility. WASTE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION - DISPOSAL Waste containing more than 0. 0. It is toxic and give a yellow-green flame when burnt. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Disposal. The Resource and Recovery Conservation Act has many different classifications in its regulations of the hazardous waste industry, including three classes of generators, four hazardous waste characteristics, and four listed categories of waste. phone Australia 131 126; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor. -- ATOMIC OR MOLECULAR FORMULA -- ATOMIC OR MOLECULAR WEIGHT -- PROPERTIES --PARAMETER LIMIT Description A clear colourless solution. (CAS No) 10326-27-9. 1 of 4 LTS Research Laboratories, Inc. Barium sulfate is used to help doctors examine the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth and stomach), stomach, and intestine using x-rays or computed tomography (CAT scan, CT scan; a type of body scan that uses a computer to put together x-ray images to create cross-sectional or three dimensional Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations • Parts 260 – 279 for solid and hazardous waste – Effective November 1980 – Cradle to grave law – Authorizes the States to run their RCRA program • CT is an Authorized State (40 CFR 272 subpart H) • Goals of RCRA – Encourage generators to reduce, reuse, recover, eliminate solid This application is a continuation of application Ser. The hazardous waste list forms an integral part of the definition. 050. 1000 Barium chloride dihydrate for analysis EMSURE® ACS,ISO,Reag. Annual Monitoring Parameters Temperature* Specific conductance* pH* Ammonia** Calcium** Chloride** Iron** Nitrate-nitrite** Potassium** Sodium** Sulfate** Total alkalinity** Antimony Arsenic Barium Beryllium Cadmium Chromium Barium Chloride 10326-27-9 98 – 99. The given product is used in waste water treatment, the production of oil lubricants and PVC stabilizers. Only official editions of the Federal Register provide legal notice to the public and judicial notice to the courts under 44 U. Disposal methods Contact a licensed waste disposal company. MSDS Sheet of Barium Chloride Anhydrous Manufactures. 995 Suprapur®. The generator finds methylene chloride on both the F001 542–62–1 Barium cyanide. hazardous waste. Please note that application of some regulatory requirements to laboratory waste streams is extremely complicated. In addition, EPA Hazardous Waste Codes are also classified as acute and non- acute. Text of H-code(s) and R-phrase(s) mentioned in Section 3. 105(a)); amended under sections 105, 402 and 501 of the Solid Waste Management Act (35 P. 3. Wastes that contain only the F-listed solvent 2-Ethoxyethanol. Barium chloride dehydrate is commonly used in waste water treatment. If no appropriate waste code can be found in Chapters 01 to 12 or 17 to 20, Chapters . Inhalation of fumes may cause sore throat, coughing, labored brething and irritation of the respiratory tract as well as the above Synthesizing barium nitrate from pottery grade barium carbonate is actually much easier than synthesizing barium chloride because nitric acid is an oxidizing acid. D004. The regulatory push for waste water treatment is expected to drive the market for waste water treatment chemicals including barium chloride. Clicking on a site’s name in search results will enable you to view more information about it. 7 Sample Preparation - The sample should be free from turbidity or filtered through a 0-45 ~m Vinyl chloride D043 EPA F-Listed Waste EPA F-Listed wastes are wastes from manufacturing and industrial processes (non-specific sources) such as solvents that have been used in cleaning or degreasing operations. Benzidine . Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc. S. This is usually used to determine if a waste may meet the definition of EP Toxicity, that is, carrying a hazardous waste code under RCRA (40 CFR Part 261) of D004 through D052. European Waste Catalogue and Hazardous Waste List - Valid from 1 January 2002 4 Definition of hazardous waste Waste Management Acts 1996 and 2001 Hazardous waste is defined in Section 4(2) of the Waste Management Acts 1996 and 2001. 556 (relating to leachate analysis; and sludge handling). 126) Appendix X - List of Chemical Names and Common Names for Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Materials (a) This subdivision sets forth a list of chemicals which create a presumption that a waste is a hazardous waste. Env-Hw 400 . EPA has determined Barium Chloride, Anhydrous _____ ___ 13. Halogenated Waste (any organic chemical that contains F, Cl, Br, or I) Chloroform (Cl) Benzalkonium Chloride (Cl) Bromophenol blue (Br) Crystal violet (Cl) Eosin (Br) Methylene Chloride (Cl) Methylene blue (Cl) Safranin (Cl) Non-Halogenated Waste (organic solvents that do not contain F, Cl, Br, or I) Acetone The EPA limits the amount of arsenic in all waste products to 5 parts per million (ppm). Therefore, 3. 10 Oct 2005 Catalog Codes: SLB1885 Toxicological Data on Ingredients: Barium chloride dihydrate LD50: Not available. Being cheap and as a soluble salt of barium, it is commonly used as a test for sulfate ions. Transport information DOT UN-No UN1564 Proper Shipping Name Barium compound, n. Inhalation absorption of barium chloride is 60-80%; oral absorption is 10-30%. 75. 0. provides the information in this Safety Data Sheet in the belief that it is reliable but assumes no responsibili ty for its completeness or accur acy. 5 Barium Chloride, 10% w/v : Product code : LC11600 . Some wastes may have more than one waste code. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 1. For waste generated in or shipped to California, a CA state waste code is also required. For example: Most auto repair businesses will have waste crankcase oil: please note under Organic, “Waste oil and mix oil” is Code 221. The physical properties reported in this SDS are obtained from literature and do not constitute product specifications. International regulations CANADA Barium Chloride, 0. 01 05 08 chloride-containing drilling muds and wastes other than those . D005 Vinyl Chloride. To this same tube, add a few drops of 3 M (NH4)2CO3 (ammonium carbonate) 23. 33. 27 BARIUM CHLORIDE BaCl2. 125 (Hazardous Waste Codes D018 through D043 only) when Azaserine. -- CASR NO. Barium Chloride | Solvay Bariumchloride. Barium Chloride Anhydrous (Laboratory) Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant. (6) In addition to the requirements in 40 C. 7141 vidor, tx 409. -Tel: 1-813-435-5161 - www. P024 Cyanogen chloride (CN)Cl. Waste disposal recommendations. 1350 2812606 calcium acetate 2812607 calcium cyanide 2812608 calcium silicide 2812610 calcium hydride 2812612 barium borate 2812613 barium carbonate Chemical name California Hazardous Waste Status Gum arabic 9000-01-5 - Barium chloride dihydrate 10326-27-9 - Citric acid monohydrate 5949-29-1 - 14. barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium cyanide, barium hydroxide, barium oxide, barium sulfate Children who live near hazardous waste sites or municipal landfills may be subject to higher levels of Code of Federal Regulations. Barium Chloride Anhydrous CAS Number 10361-37-2, EC Code EINECS 233-788-1, Molecular Weight 208. Waste treatment methods . waste-codes; waste codes description; d001: characteristic of ignitability: d002: characteristic of corrosivity: d003: characteristic of reactivity This guide is designed to assist laboratories with the identification of waste streams that are prohibited or limited from sink/sewer disposal. Section 4: First Aid Measures - In all cases, seek qualified evaluation. Chemicals also include ammonium chloride, ammonium persulphate, aqua ammonia, bicarbonate of soda, blackening compounds, boric acid, cadmium brightener, caustic potash BARIUM NEODECANOATE Safety Data Sheet CXBA060 BARIUM NEODECANOATE Product code : CXBA060 soluble barium salts, such as the chloride and sulfide, The Controlled Waste category list arranges the controlled wastes listed in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 into 15 broad waste groups and assigns a waste code to each waste type within the group. a - Retorting is defined as BRS system type code M012. LC50: Not Small Spill: Use appropriate tools to put the spilled solid in a convenient waste disposal container. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. 0 Hexachloro-1,2- butadiene D033 0. H. S. 1 M Other means of identification Product code 2034 Recommended use professional, scientific and technical activities: other professional, scientific and technical activities Although Barium Sulfate is considered a hazardous substance, it is not considered a hazardous drug regulated by the Center for Disease Control’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). limits, and their corresponding waste codes are listed on the Toxic Hazardous Waste. Soluble barium can be rendered nonhazardous by reaction with excess sulfate to form insoluble barium sulfate. 5. 65 Components WARNING! This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. o . Adm. California Waste 3) Description of process generating the waste. Do not incinerate; barium sulfate (CAS # 7727-43-7) is a listed air toxic. 0 mg/L D007 Chromium, 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. 1) Section XV. 24) RCRA WASTE CODES Hazardous Waste For more information about waste codes, including state waste codes, please contact us or reference regulations applicable in your state. Alibaba. The Controlled Waste NEPM waste codes are used in SA. Tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, 1,1,1-. It can be used to calculate quantities such as the amount of products that can be produced with the given reactants and percent yield. Fahrenheit (however, aqueous If you are using public inspection listings for legal research, you should verify the contents of the documents against a final, official edition of the Federal Register. 100 ppm. chloride-containing drilling muds and wastes other than those mentioned in 01 05 05 and . Removal Barium is very similar to calcium in its chemical behavior. In order to decide whether you have a hazardous waste, you must determine whether your waste has certain Barium Carbonate Barium the formation of barium chloride in the presence of hydrochloric acid waste to contain at least 100 mg/l barium to be considered In addition, permits are required for the discharge of any pollutant from any point source into US waters. The quarterly analysis shall be adjusted to reflect parameters detected from leachate analysis under § 289. 5-1M labelled container for waste disposal. Barium Chloride, 20% w/v. com FINAL BEST DEMONSTRATED AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY (BDAT) BACKGROUND DOCUMENT FOR BARIUM WASTES (D005 AND P013) Larry Rosengrant, Chief Treatment Technology Section Rhonda M. Benzene. A wide variety of barium chloride for water treatment options are available to you, such as electron grade, industrial grade. 2014 Page 2 of 7 Barium Chloride Dihydrate Created by Global Safety Management, Inc. 1 M BaCl2 (barium chloride). Can act as an oxidizing agent, but usually does not. TABLE VI: HAZARDOUS WASTE CODES FOR NON-SPECIFIC SOURCES (F001 - F005). Start studying Stoichiometry (Moles and Mass). We are engaged in offering supreme quality Barium Chloride (Pure) that is the most common water-soluble salts of barium. 0 D043 Vinyl Chloride. It is well known that some types of salts dissolve more readily in collaspe and death due to respiratory failure. Toxicological Information : Waste disposal should be in Code AC-0935 Formula weight Supersedes 244. Barium chloride is majorly utilized for waste water treatment and production of other barium salts. Barium Chloride (P) Department of Labor , Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Title 29 Code of. 2H2O. D025. NEW HAMPSHIRE CODE OF ADMINISTRATIVE RULES i. Barium chloride dihydrate is mainly used in the purification of brine solution in caustic chlorine plants, as a reagent in the test for sulfate ion in chemical lab, and as a cleansing agent in the production of other barium chemicals and lubricating oil additives. 333. The EPA’s regulation stipulates that there can be no more than 100 ppm of barium in waste. The barium ions are adsorbed on the surfaces of the barium sulfate particles. Parameter Code Group Name Parameter Name/Description CASRN SRSName Parameter Unit; 31730: Toxicity: Mean survival of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) on day 7 of 7-day exposure to 100 percent effluent water sample, percent Authority. Created by Global . 2014 Page 2 of 7 Barium Chloride, ACS Grade Created by Global Safety Management, 1-813-435-5161 - www. 25 May 2017 The appropriate method for Barium disposal continues to raise questions and create uncertainty in healthcare facilities. Because certain forms of barium (barium sulfate and barium carbonate) do not mix well with water, the amount of barium usually found in drinking water is of a small quantity. 14. FIELD DISPOSAL. D024 m-Cresol. 35 and do not resume or initiate use of Reaction Between Barium Chloride and Ammonium Carbonate. 10( b) of this title eight-digit waste code number which shall include a four-digit waste sequence number Barium. Uses advised against Not for Human or Animal Drug Use Waste Codes and its associated TCLP trigger and regulatory level (40 CFR 261. 112, as incorporated by reference in Chapter 7, 008. REGULATIONS AND ADVISORIES The international and national regulations and guidelines regarding barium and barium compounds in air, water, and other media are summarized in Table 8-1. 25ml of sample water. The contact time of barium chloride and treated water was 6 h, while the feeding ratio was from 1 mg/L up to 270 mg/L. 132 (relating to chemical analysis of waste). The list is organized alphabetically by the listed generic name. They are an excellent source of Barium Chloride for applications requiring solubilized materials. D019. The greatest danger is to those persons already suffering from heart trouble. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and generators are ultimately responsible for designating their waste. Keep chemical containers boxed and separated for pick-up, never put them in the trash. An eye wash fountain should be available in the immediate work area. 4. ALL hazardous wastes Regulated Waste Disposal Manual Updated 02-28-2017 . Barium . 4 Standard Operating Procedures Waste Handling & Disposal Handling and disposal of waste generated during laboratory experiments must be conducted in accordance with University policies. ACUTELY TOXIC HAZARDOUS WASTE Waste Code CAS # Substance P023 1074-20-0 Acetaldehyde, chloro- P002 591-08-2 Acetamide, N-(aminothioxomethyl)- BARIUM CHLORIDE 36058 Version: 2. § § 6018. Barium is a highly reactive metal found in many manufactured products, including rat poison, fireworks, fluorescent light bulbs, and floor tiles. P013. It is mainly used in the purification of brine solution in caustic chlorine plants. 03 Fly ash waste, bottom ash waste, slag waste and flue gas emission control waste generated primarily from the combustion of coal or other fossil fuels, except as provided by 40 CFR 266. View the hazardous waste regulations and statutes for more information. U015. 1(6. Free samples program. Product Name BARIUM CHLORIDE Other means of identification Product Code(s) BDH9220-500G : BDH9220-12KG UN-No 1564 Synonyms No information available. 14. The waste descriptions are based on the Victorian waste codes (which in turn are based on the former ANZECC waste codes), but have been modified to accommodate industry needs in SA. ) A four-character hazardous waste code is assigned to each waste on the list. The F-list, found at 40 CFR section 261. 1,2,3,4. Barium Chloride Zip Code: 10962. 28 Apr 2014 Product Name. HCl. Other barium compounds, such as barium chloride, barium nitrate, and barium hydroxide, are manufactured from barium sulfate. This MRL The barium chloride, obtained from this process, is hydrated and can be crystallized into a white powder. Figure 1 illustrates a summary of the What Is the Recommended Procedure for Chemical Disposal? HAZARDOUS chemical waste, as designated by the U. G. : LC11560. s Proper technical name Barium chloride Hazard Class 6. P034. of ADEM Administrative Code 335-14 indicates differently. Remember that many chemical compounds are known by many chemical names, and only some of those names may be printed here Waste codes reflect either the contaminants (eg cadmium) or source (eg printing industry) of the waste. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY RCRA HAZARDOUS DRUGS/PHARMACEUTICAL DISPOSAL CHART Type of Waste RCRA P-LISTED WASTE CODES Note: must contain constituent as sole-active ingredient and be unused or discarded A waste is basically any discarded material. Ph Eur. LD50, rat, > 2,000 mg/kg (Barium chloride anhydrous). 255 Norman. Merck 101719. A small quantity -- one kilogram -- of a P-listed waste can cause a facility to be classified as a "large quantity generator," and to have to comply with more MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) www. Chemical waste generators must determine whether a discarded chemical is SARA Codes. The nitric acid oxidizes barium sulfide either to barium sulfate or sulfur dioxide which removes the issue of colloidal sulfur contamination. This barium chloride is precisely processed by utilizing finest grade of ingredients in complete adherence with quality standards. 0 Hexachlorobenzene D032 0. (Leachate resulting from the management of one or more of the following EPA Hazardous Wastes and no other hazardous wastes retains its hazardous waste code(s): F020, F021, F022, F023, F026, F027, and/or F028. Barium Chloride, Dihydrate, GR ACS is a very common water soluble salt of barium and is an inorganic compound. com Waste disposal recommendations: Contact a licensed professional waste disposal service to dispose of this material. 0 Carbon Tetrachloride D019 0. Waste Disposal: Follow all federal, provincial and local regulations for disposal. Chemical waste generators must also consult local, regional, and national hazardous waste regulations to ensure complete and accurate classification. Results of radium removal from colliery B brine. Waste Code Constituent of Concern Other Names/Brand Names Remarks . A waste is determined to be a hazardous waste if it is specifically listed on one of four lists (the F, K, P and U lists) found in title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in section 261. >>heating the beaker<>now 10ml of 5% of barium chloride is addinf<>agine heat for 5 mins<< cleaning fluids (solvents) or pesticides. 7440-39-3. To help potential hazardous waste generators identify if they produce hazardous waste, EPA provides examples of hazardous wastes that are typically generated by specific industries and provide suggestions for how to recycle Waste Code Waste Type Waste Examples E Reactive Chemicals E100 Waste containing peroxides excluding hydrogen peroxide • Barium peroxide • Sodium peroxide E120 Waste of an explosive nature not subject to other legislation • Waste of an explosive nature not subject to other legislation E130 Highly reactive chemicals not otherwise specified nationally defined values for waste code heavy ends from the distillation of ethylene dichloride in ethylene dichloride production. : 10326-27-9 MSDS SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking HAZARDOUS WASTE P-CODE LISTED WASTE Benzyl chloride 100 –44 –7 P028 Beryllium powder 7440 –41 –7 P015 Bromoacetone 598 –31 –2 P017 Brucine 357 –57 –3 P018 (5) A tank system that stores or treats materials that become hazardous waste subsequent to March 10, 1988, shall conduct an assessment of any existing tank system’s integrity within twelve (12) months after the date the waste becomes a hazardous waste. Wear splash-proof safety Barium chloride | BaCl2 | CID 25204 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety Barium chloride 99. may meet the definition of EP Toxicity, that is, carrying a hazardous waste code under RCRA (40 CFR asked to perform an analysis on their waste using the TCLP. b - Columns do not sum to the total for all waste codes because waste streams may carry more than one waste code, resulting in double counting. Record your observations of the reaction 24. Listing-specific information . It is one of the most common water-soluble salts of barium. Swallowing a small quantity of this material will result in serious health hazard. Section 313, Toxics Release Inventory: Barium Compounds, Code N040. Ph Eur - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. 1 Designation of waste dangerous goods as hazardous wastes 1 These regulations may be cited as The Hazardous Substances and Waste “ Environmental Code of Practice for Underground Storage Tank Systems . 501) and section 1920-A of the Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P. National Priorities List and Superfund Alternat waste must determine if it is a hazardous waste. It is water soluble, inexpensive and has a wide application in The Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 261. RCRA (hazardous waste code):. Chromium (total). Cadmium . 1 P. Soluble barium compounds aremore likely to cause these effects than insoluble compounds. C. 0 Lead D008 5. : Dispose in a safe  7 Aug 2016 Safety Data Sheet. Barium Sulfate . Country: P501: Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant. a. Minimum Assay (Bacl 2. FIRST AID MEASURES Product Name: BARIUM SULPHATE For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (e. Proper Shipping Name: Barium Chlorate, Solid UN Number: 1445 Class: 5. It would also be a hazardous waste based on its sulfide content. 3 Effective date : 12. Lachine (Montreal), Que H8R 1A3 Section II. 6. 7. No. 14 registered by NEULEVEL network. /Barium/ Barium exerts a digitalis-like effect on the heart, with palpitations and increased blood pressure. Aluminum chloride anhydrous. REGULATED CHEMICAL WASTE CONTAINERS. Code 1100. 17. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & distributor of chemicals including barium, calcium, copper, nickel & potassium carbonate. 4511 s, tx 817. Do not discharge the waste into the drain. The additional boxes are for other states’ codes when the waste is sent out of state to a state with codes, or for extra RCRA codes. , ACS, ISO Place in appropriate containers for disposal. OTHER INFORMATION Text of H-code(s) and R-phrase(s) mentioned in Section 3 Acute Tox. 06 07 03* barium sulphate sludge containing mercury. 5-1M There are two waste streams this week. It occurs as the mineral barite, which is the main commercial source of barium and materials prepared from it. US. The barium sulfate precipitate is collected by filtration, dried and weighed. Waste. GSMSDS. 304, if the flow rate into the leak BARIUM ACETATE Safety Data Sheet Print date: 01/09/2017 EN (English US) SDS ID: CXBA010 5/6 Symptoms/injuries after ingestion : Harmful if swallowed. BARIUM CHLORIDE 10% SOLUTION PRODUCT CODE 808100 SYNONYMS -- C. 2 If no appropriate waste code can be found in chapters 01 to 12 or 17 to 20, the chapters 13, . 0 . This section paper report reviews the current pharmaceutical waste management requirements under RCRA and provides guidance for the classification and management of pharmaceuticals that must be managed as hazardous waste in accordance with the Federal EPA’s regulations. Industrial solid waste facilities permitted and operating under Chapter 3745-29 of the Administrative Code. 50. 8 Aug 2018 Table 1 lists waste descriptions and codes for the types of waste that must be tracked when Barium compounds (excluding barium sulphate). D005. Introduction Empty chemical containers are considered to be hazardous if they are contaminated with any of the chemical agent that they previously contained. By law hazardous waste is defined as a waste, or combination of wastes, that because of its quality, concentration, physical, chemical, or infectious characteristics may cause or significantly contribute to an increase in serious irreversible, or Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc. Barium. · Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL73/78 and the IBC Code Not applicable. Barium sulfate is not a listed RCRA hazardous waste, but depending on the concentration of barium, it may exhibit a toxic characteristic of hazardous waste. However, due to its toxicity, its uses are limited. American Elements can prepare dissolved homogeneous solutions at customer specified concentrations or to the maximum stoichiometric concentration. Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Recommended Use For Laboratory Use Only. Barium Chloride Factory - Select 2019 high quality Barium Chloride Factory products in best price from certified Chinese Barium Carbonate manufacturers, Calcium Formate suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. Exhibits the characteristic of reactivity: if the waste has any of the following properties: 1. 9 Standard barium chloride solution - Dissolve 0·4 9 barium chloride (BaCh. Vinyl chloride. Spilled product could be a RCRA hazardous waste because of its soluble barium con- tent. 200 if the waste does not exhibit any other characteristic of this article and is not listed in article 4 of this chapter and its head space vapor contains no Barium chloride dihydrate CAS 10326-27-9 EMPLURA® - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Ingredients Material Safety Data Sheet Synonyms Chemical formula Material uses WHMIS Protective Clothing Barium Chloride,¹ý̼Ëáï§,Description of Barium Chloride,Specification of Barium Chloride,Application of Barium Chloride£¬Packing&Storage of Barium Chloride,MSDS of Barium Chloride,Material Safety Data Sheets of Barium Chloride,raw material&synthesis path of Barium Chloride ,intermediates&end goods of Barium Chloride ,Substitute of Barium Chloride,Importing&exporting rules of Barium Determining if a chemical waste meets the regulatory definition of a hazardous waste can be difficult and requires specific training. Processing, use or contamination of this product may change the waste management options. Based on your observations, what is the precipitate? 25. Not for Drug, Food, or Household use. 402 and 6018. SYNONYMS: Aqueous Barium chloride; Hydrochloric acid, barium salt. Therefore, it is the UMN policy that all staff assumes that all chemical wastes are hazardous and must be managed by UHS for proper disposal unless told otherwise. This Barium Chloride Dihydrate MSDS sheet is intended only as a guide to the appropriate precautionary handling of the material by a properly trained person using this product. Since barium chloride is added in excess, and since the precipitation reaction goes to completion, we can assume that all of the sulfate is transferred from the original unknown sample to the precipitate. Minimize exposure to product waste (see Section 8). Anachemia Canada. (2) If both a California Hazardous Waste Code from the “California Restricted Wastes” category and a code from another arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, Halogenated solvents (chloroform, methyl chloride,. gsmsds. Safety Data Sheet . 3) or ammonia solution (3. 2% soluble barium is hazardous under the RCRA criteria. 3 Effective date : 10. 1N (0. 013b,l mg/kg Aldrin 0. Barium Sulfate is not considered a hazardous waste unless at very high concentrations. CAS Number, UN/NA Number, DOT Hazard Label, USCG CHRIS Code A salt arising from the direct reaction of barium and chlorine. --MSDS—BARIUM CHLORIDE, AQUEOUS PAGE 3 13. 8302 j, ar 870. one waste code under Subpart D, or from a mixture of wastes classified under Subparts C and D of this part. 52. Barium is a rather common element which has a multitude of applications. D005, Barium, 100. RCRA criteria. About 30% of these are chloride, 3% are electronics chemicals, and 1% are water treatment chemicals. Each 100 mL contains 105 g barium sulfate. Use this code for annual reporting and identifying hazardous wastes on a manifest. 1, III 15 Regulatory information Hazardous Wastes at Northeastern University are regulated according to regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Waste disposal: Dispose of as normal industrial waste. Emits toxic sulfur oxides when heated to decomposition. Any disposal practice must be in compliance with local, ssssilverilverilver fern fern fern chemical chemicalchemical material safety data sheet barium chloride anhydrous MSDS BARIUM CHLORIDE, 5 - 50% (w/v), 0. (a) A solid waste (except manufactured gas plant waste) exhibits the characteristic of toxicity if, using the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, test Method 1311 in “Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods,” EPA Publication SW-846, as incorporated by reference in § 260. It has many laboratory uses, such as testing for sulfate ions as well as being used in pyrotechnics for Barium chlorides disti Data Element Detail: State Waste Code. g. Waste regulations also require that the analytical method(s) used in determining the presence of barium in solid waste be specified. Formula Synonyms. Hazardous Wastes in Health Care . Powered by: LIQUID POLIBAR PLUS ® Barium Sulfate Suspension (105% w/v, 58% w/w) is a barium sulfate suspension for oral and rectal administration. (NTP  Product Name: Barium Chloride Anhydrous Storage Color Code: Blue (Health). Below is the list which you will use to classify waste. 0 Cadmium D006 1. 05M) WHMIS Classification Uncontrolled product according to WHMIS classification criteria Barium Chloride, Dihydrate (10326 -27 -9) the results regularly show the leachable barium levels to be below the 100 milligrams per liter regulatory threshold in 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 261. The treatment consisted of the following steps: Medical wastes that are not hazardous waste are subject to regulation under Tennessee’s solid waste regulations, Rule Chapter 0400-11-01. Code Constituent. Barium Chloride, Dihydrate, Purified is an inorganic compound and one of the most common water soluble salts of barium. See Section 13. The Code of Federal D005 Barium (Ba). Examples of Potential . K List of Hazardous Wastes • w-hw2-01 • November 2010 page 2 . REAGENTS, INC. Ammonia (solution) EPA Waste Code. Disposal Considerations Whatever cannot be saved for recovery or recycling should be managed in an appropriate and approved waste disposal facility. barium sulphate sludge containing mercury. discharge waste, that could affect the quality of the waters of the state, to file a report of waste discharge ((ROWD) (CWC 13260)). 4-Dipropylaminobenzenediazonium zinc chloride. F-Listed wastes must be disposed as hazardous waste through EH&S Hazardous Waste Program. The provisions of this Appendix IXa issued under section 105(a) of the Solid Waste Management Act (35 P. O. 456 or § 289. 010. This subdivision sets forth a list of chemicals which create a presumption that a waste is a hazardous waste. A waste demonstrating any of these characteristics is a hazardous waste whether it is listed or not. 1 Packing Group III TDG UN-No UN1564 Barium Chloride, Dihydrate (10326 -27 -9) SARA Section 311/312 Hazard Classes Immediate (acute) health hazard 15. A waste is considered toxic per Federal toxicity characteristics when:. R. Quantitative data must be reported in the application. If the waste is RCRA regulated, at least one box must include a RCRA waste code. Aldrin. D005; A solid waste containing barium may or may not become characterized as a hazardous waste when subjected to the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure listed in 40 CFR 261. Identification Product identifier BARIUM CHLORIDE SOLUTION, 0. 2) and finally make up to one litre. Clean Air Act: This material contains Barium chloride dihydrate (listed as Barium), 12%, (CAS# 10326-27-9) which is subject to the reporting requirements of Section 313 of SARA Title III and 40 CFR Part 373. Environmental Protection Agency 401 M Street, S. The contact time of barium chloride and treated water was 6 h. Craig Project Manager U. 115-02-6. HAZARDOUS WASTE ACCUMULATION AREA REQUIREMENTS The requirements for the storage of hazardous waste is strictly regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). A broad range of Barium Chloride resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Barium Chloride industry. Barium sulfate (or sulphate) is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ba SO 4. P001 BARIUM AND BARIUM COMPOUNDS 149 8. CAS-No. 5 mg/m3 USA. Product code Barium Chloride, Dihydrate. 1. com offers 125 barium chloride for water treatment products. For a full description of waste handling and disposal procedures, see the University Chemical Hygiene Plan on the Risk Management website. 1 Characteristic for Ignitability-Flammability, EPA Code D001 . Barium Chloride BaCl2 bulk & research qty manufacturer. Maximum Levels The maximum level of barium in drinking water is 1 mg/1. Learn more here MSDS Sheet of Barium Chloride Dihydrate Manufactures. Environmental Protection . CHLORIDE, TOTAL OR DISSOLVED IN WTR SMPL (MG/L CL) BARIUM, TOTAL (UG/L BA) R592R18A 07/08/2019 Solid Waste Parameter Table - Sorted by Parm Code Page: 6 1075 Metals react with acids to form salts. Chemical Safety Information Which alkali metal carbonate? Chemical Hazards Potassium carbonate toxic Lithium carbonate toxic Sodium carbonate toxic Barium chloride toxic Hydrochloric acid corrosive Modeling retardation effects by barium and strontium solid solutions on radium cations in the near field of radioactive waste repository barium, and sodium chloride salts in near-neutral pH thirty years. You should never place any waste chemical in the trash or dump it down the drain unless you know that it is not a hazardous waste and that it is acceptable for disposal through such means. One particular hydrate is better known as plaster of Paris , and another occurs naturally as the mineral gypsum . Barium chloride 10361-37-2 2007-07-01 California Prop. This page allows users to search active and archived sites in EPA’s Superfund Enterprise Management System database. chloride at monitoring well MW-20 and chloride, barium, potassium and sodium at monitoring well MW-21 were due to natural variation in ground water quality, and not as a result of impact from the landfill. Skin irritation rabbit, No 0005 ( barium containing waste). P-listed codes and certain dioxin codes (F020-F023 and F026-F028) are considered to be acute, whereas the remaining codes are non-acute. · Danger code (Kemler): 60 · EMS Number: F-A,S-A · Stowage Category A · Stowage Code SW2 Clear of living quarters. W. Download : Download high-res image (224KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. pharmaceutical waste may alter its hazardous waste status. REGULATORY STATUS: This Product or its components, if a mixture, is subject to following regulations (Not meant to be all inclusive - selected regulations represented): The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous waste code for arsenic is D004, and its allowable limit in waste is 5 ppm. The list is by no means complete, and should only be used as a guide. The treatment was performed in a hot cell due to the high dose rate of the material (up to 120 mSv/hour). Does it go down the  Use in the manufacturing of other barium substances. This invention relates to a process for working-up waste materials from barium sulfide leaching or strontium sulfide leaching. § 510-20). Transportation Information. MH. The Water Code has additional requirements for mining waste, including a report on the physical and chemical characteristics of the waste that could affect its potential to cause pollution or contamination. 10,000b. Barium sulfate, due to its high molecular density is opaque to x-rays and, therefore, acts as a positive contrast agent for radiographic studies. Hazardous Materials Table This Table is a compilation of lists of hazardous materials from the following sources: 1. Clean Air Act: VERMONT HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS APPENDIX II DECEMBER 31, 2016 -3 Common Name Chemical Abstracts Name Chemical Abstracts No. 0% w/w » Merck 101719. EPA HAZARDOUS WASTE CODES (Continued) Code Waste description Code Waste description HAZARDOUS WASTE FROM NONSPECIFIC SOURCES F001 The following spent halogenated solvents used in degreasing: Tetrachloroethylene, trichlorethylene, methylene chloride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride and chlorinated fluorocarbons; all spent solvent Hazardous waste is any solid waste that either exhibits any of the characteristics of hazardous waste or is a listed EPA waste. LIST OF PHARMACEUTICALS THAT ARE POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS WASTES WHEN DISCARDED . I. Barium chloride 99. 5 Lindane D013 0. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or State authority, is waste that presents a danger to human health and/or the environment. Dispose of this material and its container to Barium Chloride Price - Select 2019 high quality Barium Chloride Price products in best price from certified Chinese Barium Carbonate manufacturers, Calcium Formate suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. This chemical is not at a high enough concentration to be reportable under Section 313. Beryllium. 5. 5 % Yes Whatever cannot be saved for recovery or recycling should be handled as hazardous waste and sent to an approved Barium containing waste is one of these specific hazardous wastes identified under RCRA to which precipitation is applicable. Disposal of packaging Dispose of as normal industrial waste. 71-43-2. 07/704,933, filed May 23, 1991 now abandoned. 264. Any water-soluble barium compound, for example barium sulfide, barium chloride and/or barium hydroxide, can be employed as the barium component. Barium compounds Product Code(s)RE2329 Barium chloride dihydrate (mixture) Revision Date 07/16/15 7. 300ml of distilled water. Carbon oxides, Hydrogen chloride gas, Soak up with inert absorbent material and dispose of as hazardous waste. 1503 & 1507. lobachemie. The website is created in unavailable , currently located in United States and is running on IP 72. 100 Vinyl chloride. MATERIAL CODE REFERENCE LIST ALPHABETICAL G-Form G-Form Code Description Usage Unit Code Description Usage Unit January 6, 1010 page 5 68 Charcoal/bone char tons 708 Chevron refinery fuel gas cubic feet 627 Chevron Thinner 225 gallons 69 Chlor-alkali tons 387 Chlorallyl chloride gallons ROWE SCIENTIFIC Chemwatch Hazard Alert Code: 2 Rowe Barium Chloride Solution 0. Barium chloride Language: EmS code: F-A, S-A Containers that cannot be cleaned must be treated as waste or must be incinerated in a suitable incineration Calcium sulfate (or calcium sulphate) is the inorganic compound with the formula CaSO 4 and related hydrates. The substances on this list are subject to the provisions of Labor Code Sections 6360 through 6399. 100-56-1 Revision Date 1990-07-01 16. 30 Oct 2017 (h) titanium dioxide chloride process oxidation reactors. Properties, SDS, Applications, Price. Waste Code Regulatory Threshold (ppm) Compound Waste Code Regulatory Threshold (ppm) Arsenic D004 5. In the form of γ- anhydrite (the anhydrous form), it is used as a desiccant . com Barium Salt, Barium Carbonate Powder, Inorganic Salt manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Barium Chloride Dihydrate in High Purity From Joyieng Chemical Limited, Barium Carbonate with 25kgs Packing and with Pallets, Inorganic Salt on Barium Carbonate Precipitated From Joyieng Chemical Limited and so on. In general, soluble barium salts, such as the chloride and sulfide, have been reported Corrosion Resistance of Acid Waste Drainline Piping and Vent Materials Barium Chloride, BaCl 2 A B C A A A A Barium Hydroxide, Ba(OH) Corrosion Rate Code: With the help of our adroit professionals, we are engaged in providing an excellent quality Barium Chloride. Barium chloride. The level applies to total barium. com 14/03/2019 1/10 BARIUM CHLORIDE DIHYDRATE AR/ACS MSDS CAS-No. 1 Characteristic Hazardous Waste In the code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 261. It is not recommended to dispose of barium Code Waste Description Code Waste Description Code Waste Description C 1 HARACTERISTICS and F005; and still bottoms from the recovery of these spent OF U NLISTED H AZARDOUS W ASTE D036 D001 D03Ignitable waste D002 Corrosive waste D003 Reactive waste D004 D041Arsenic, 5. 10ml of conc. Be sure to use the correct one for each stage of your procedure. 11 of this chapter, the extract from a representative sample of the waste contains Disposal Instructions: Dispose of this material and its container to an approved waste collection point. The following is the List of Hazardous Substances prepared by the Director pursuant to Labor Code Section 6380. 10. Regulatory Information F032 Wastewaters, process residuals, preservative drippage, and spent formulations from wood preserving processes generated at plants that currently use or have previously used chlorophenolic formulations (except wastes from processes that have had the F032 waste code deleted in accordance with $261. 2H2O Barium chloride dihydrate, AC-0935, AC-0935T, M-11547, 09430, 09484 For laboratory use only. Normally all sulfates are soluble but Barium is an exception so thus this is a salt, so it will precipitate. 2. 04b mg/kg Aldicarb 0. the toxicity characteristic for hazardous waste codes D004 - D017 and that is not a hazardous waste for . chloride-containing drilling muds and wastes other than those mentioned in 01 05 05 and 01 05 06 . , All rights reserved. P-listed. ” This guide will help you evaluate whether a waste being generated by your facility is hazardous or not. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION 13. c - This category is defined as BRS form code B117. (b) A waste containing one or more materials which exhibit the characteristic of toxicity because the materials have the property specified in subsection (a)(5) of this section may be classified as nonhazardous pursuant to section 66260. 126) Appendix X. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Aquatic toxicity Acute and Prolonged Toxicity to Fish No data Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates No data Environmental fate and pathways No data 13. Waste containing more than 0. ) MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET BARIUM CHLORIDE PRODUCT CODE NUMBER(S):2020-1. NO. The management of hazardous chemical waste at the University of . edu or call 217-333-2755) to determine whether the waste should be collected through the DRS chemical waste disposal program. This material contains Barium chloride dihydrate (listed as Barium), 12%, (CAS# 10326-27-9) which is subject to the reporting requirements of Section 313 of SARA Title III and 40 CFR Part 373. 24. 5 Benzene D018 0. Wastes must NOT be intentionally diluted to comply with sink/sewer disposal requirements. D001 Aqueous drug formulation containing 24 percent or more Title 22 Hazardous Waste List . 317. This paper does not address Barium sulfate 7727-43-7 >99%-4. by more than one waste code under Subpart D, or from a mixture of wastes classified under Subparts C and D of this part. Here are examples of some Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) waste codes associated with pharmaceuticals. General Labeling, Packaging & Disposal Procedures . Synonyms: barium chloride dihydrate, barium dichloride . Potential Health Sweep up and containerize for reclamation or disposal. h, nc 910. Section XIV. Barium cyanide. Chemical Name. 31, Chemical Formula BaCl2. § 6018. Barium Chloride Dihydrate CAS Number 10326-37-9, EC Code EINECS 233-788-1, Molecular Weight 244. Product code. Keep in . Laboratory uses. 24) and RCRA define the four fundamental characteristics of regulated hazardous waste as: ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and toxicity. All wastes must be handled in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. 13 Barium D005 100. Monitoring wells MW-20 and MW-21 were initially sampled on October 1, 2007. TABLE II - F CODE SOLVENT CONSTITUENTS Code Constituent. 3'01-323) yes. For a waste to be given a particular LoW code, reference must be made to the 2, 4 and 6 digit entries. Offered barium chloride is used in waste water treatment among others. · UN "Model Regulation": UN 3287 TOXIC LIQUID, INORGANIC, N. NIOSH . biz is the 0:th largest website within the world. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Waste disposal methods Barium Chloride Dihydrate. D018. Other Calcium chloride 10043-52-4 Yes No No No Yes US FEDERAL REGULATIONS: WASTE CLASSIFICATION: Not a hazardous waste by U. Hazards not  21 Jan 2014 Barium chloride. 31, identifies wastes from common manufacturing and industrial processes as hazardous The TCLP: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure The TCLP, or Toxicity Characteristic Leaching (not Leachate) Procedure is designed to determine the mobility of both organic and inorganic analytes present in liquid, solid, and multiphasic wastes. Department of Transportation (DOT), Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Transportation of Hazardous Materials 3. This list may only be applicable to industrial, services and commercial sectors, but, at home we are now subscribing to the new law - Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act, 2007 (Act 672). NB: The user's attention is drawn to the possible existence of regional or national regulations regarding Florida Department Of . This waste consists of an unused laboratory chemicals (barium chloride, cadmium chloride, lead acetate, sodium arsenite) discovered during routine house keeping practices at the Regional laboratory. im a lab chemist, in my lab i’m determing the sulfate by below procedure. 20 – 261. (a) Purpose. Oxygen, hydrogen chloride gas, oxides of barium. 205. Sodium sulfate and CaSO 4 were used to precipitate Ba as BaSO 4. Issued: 20/04/2017 Substance No: 000030196401 Inhalation: Remove victim from area of exposure - avoid becoming a casualty. 2H 2 O) About 10. ATSDR has derived an intermediate-duration oral MRL of 0. Our company provides this Barium Chloride Dihydrate MSDS sheet in good faith but makes no representation as to its comprehensiveness or accuracy. This material may exhibit one or more characteristics of a hazardous waste and require appropriate analysis to determine Barium Chlorate . California List of Hazardous Waste (California Code of Regulations, Title 22 Section 66261. Do not dispose unused waste down drains or into sewers. Based on data for Calcium Chloride anhydrous, the LC50/96-hour values for fish are over 100 mg/l. Free barium was precipitated as barium sulfate, a very stable insoluble material that is non-hazardous (Chung, 1989). Field medical units are now receiving new equipment that will allow these barium formulations to be used as a diagnostic aid when the unit is operating in the field. WM2015 Conference, March 15 – 19, 2015, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 2 In-Cell Treatment. Obtain another clean 6" test tube and add about 1 mL of 0. Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Barium Chloride directory on the Internet. 03, for facilities that burn or process hazardous waste. 75. d - This category is defined as BRS form codes B501-B516 and B519. Carbon tetrachloride. The Four RCRA Listed Wastes: the F-, K-, P-, and U-List. Wastes (except wastewater and spent carbon from hydrogen chloride purification) from the production or manufacturing use (as a  Barium chloride dihydrate ≥99 %, p. Phenylmercury chloride CAS-No. Waste Water Industry. CAS 10361-37-2, pH 5 - 8 (50 g/l, H₂O, 20 °C). Dispose of empty containers This page contains information on the chemical Barium chloride including: 22 synonyms/identifiers; U. Ammonium Chloride is a salt so that will precipitate. In addition, EPA Hazardous Waste Codes are also classified as acute and non-acute. Personal Protective Equipment Eyes: Do not wear contact lenses when working with chemicals. California Code of Regulations, Title 22 Section 66261. Hazardous Waste Code Benzal chloride Benzene, (dichloromethyl)- 98-87-3 U017 Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. 2014 Page 6 of 7 Lithium Chloride, Reagent Created by Global Safety Management, Inc. Do not discharge to sewer; barium sulfate is insoluble in water. If you were Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. Office of Solid Waste Washington, DC 20460 May 1990 Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. 28 Dec 2018 (8) Titanium dioxide chloride process oxidation reactors (c) If the waste is listed with codes “I,” “C,” “R,” or “E” in 261 subpart D (moved 11/90), Barium. TRANSPORT Code Cha;rP. Material Safety Data Sheet Barium chloride dihydrate sc-202970 Hazard Alert Code Key: EXTREME HIGH MODERATE LOW SWALLOWED! Toxic effects may result from the accidental ingestion of the material; animal experiments indicate that ingestion of less than 40 gram may Whatever cannot be saved for recovery or recycling should be handled as hazardous waste and sent to a RCRA approved incinerator or disposed in a RCRA approved waste facility. aqueous spent antimony catalyst waste from fluoromethane production. D006. 009. 110 Barium Chloride (P) 2226 Barium Chlorate (OX) 2227 Barium Cyanide (P) 1679 Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate 1680 Barium Hydroxide (C) 2228 Barium Molybdate 2229 Barium Naphthenate 1678 Barium Nitrate (OX) 2230 Barium Oxide (P) 2231 Barium Perchlorate (OX) 2232 Barium Permanganate (OX) 2233 Barium Peroxide (OX) 2234 Barium Sulfate (P) 113 Barium chloride is used in manufacture of pigments, fire works, other barium salts, fireworks , hardening of steel, heat treatment salts, purification of brine solution in caustic chlorine plants, lubrication oil additive, textile dye, pigments, white leather, aluminum refining, boiling water treatment and porcelain enamels for sheet steel. cas 10361-37-2 solution s0209 barium chloride barium chloride msds toxicity property if this prod becomes a waste, it meets the criteria of a haz waste as defined Summary of Maximum Allowable Concentrations of Chemical Constituents In Uncontaminated Soil Used as Fill Material At Regulated Fill Operations (35 Ill. Entities involved in health-care and/or pharmaceuticals are required to follow these regulations for any solid waste generated. : barium dichloride, dihydrate / muriate of barium, dihydrate. Rowe Barium Chloride Solution 0. 0 mg/L D006 Cadmium, 1 . Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Hazardous Waste Regulations 2. 26, Chemical Formula BaCl2. Characteristic of 310 CMR 30. If you have more than five gallons of liquid non-hazardous chemical waste to dispose of, contact the Division of Research Safety (DRS) (cws@illinois. Chloride process waste solids from titanium tetrachloride production; Barium cyanide. WASTE CODES The Chemical Inventory Form requests information related to the “3 digit State Waste Code (19)”. EC-No. As it is the generator's responsibility to make this determination, but generators often contract outside labs to perform the TCLP test, these questions and answers may 531 Chemical toilet waste 541 Photochemicals / photo processing waste 551 Laboratory waste chemicals 561 Detergent and soap 571 Fly ash, bottom ash, and retort ash 581 Gas scrubber waste 591 Baghouse waste 611 Contaminated soil from site clean-ups 512 Household waste 613 Auto shredder waste 614 Treated wood waste 711 Liquids with cyanides (a) Subdivisions (b) and (c) of this appendix establish the California Hazardous Waste Code Numbers assigned to wastes which have been identified as hazardous wastes pursuant to the characteristics of hazardous waste as set forth in article 3 of this chapter or pursuant to the lists of hazardous wastes in article 4 of this chapter. o. The F and K Lists. Like most other barium salts, it is white, toxic, and imparts a yellow-green coloration to a flame. Barium chloride dihydrate none listed none listed none listed OSHA Vacated PELs: Barium chloride dihydrate: No OSHA Vacated PELs are listed for this chemical. Subpart F) Chemical Name Maximum Allowable Concentration a Acenaphthene 570b mg/kg Acetone 25b mg/kg Alachlor 0. Find out how the test works and the conditions it can find. L-Serine, diazoacetate (ester). 48 . How to Properly Dispose of Waste Materials . 16 Apr 2014 each listing has a waste code associated with it. 10 Jul 2000 (The hazardous waste code is specific to the type of hazardous waste Barium. 105, 6018. it is analyzed by the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure methodcontains a chemicals listed below in concentrations that equal or exceed the regulatory threshold (RT) 5. Toxic by ingestion. 10326-27-9, Barium chloride dihydrate, TWA 0. barium chloride waste code

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